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Infant Reflux and GERD

It’s not uncommon for a baby to reflux (otherwise known as spitting up). The majority of infants do reflux during their first year of life, and most of them are completely healthy.

If your baby is growing properly and has a generally good disposition, then infant acid reflux is not a problem.

If, however, you have a fussy baby who is showing symptoms of pediatric GERD, such as poor feeding, vomiting, irritability, and breathing problems, consult your pediatrician as soon as possible. In many instances, simple lifestyle changes can alleviate GERD and turn a fussy baby into a very content child. Medication may also be an option in certain cases.

The important thing to realize is that with treatment, severe reflux and GERD can improve. A pediatrician or a pediatric gastroenterologist can help your child, and can offer you strategies for coping with GERD. Once your baby’s GERD is under control, he or she should enjoy a happy, healthy childhood.

  • Infant Reflux and GERD: Distinctions and Management
  • Diagnosing & Treating Celiac Disease

    Happy daughter and father

    More than 40,000 Americans are known to have celiac disease, yet many more cases go undiagnosed and unreported. Learn the diagnostic signs, and clinical manifestations of celiac disease with resources from CDHNF.